Central Bank

I contacted the Program Manager to let him know how well things went and how pleased the branch people were with all the great team work and support provided.  We received very positive feedback from the CEO of Business Services, the COO for Retail and our very own CIO.

Many thanks for all your efforts. Please thank your entire team for us.

Midwest Bank

Awesome! Thank you! You have an excellent team and that’s why we keep coming back…

Northwest Bank

I wanted to pass along a compliment. I have spoken with Dan in Service multiple times. Each time he has helped me figure out what small problem I might have on one of my teller validators. I really appreciate working with people like Dan who do not see me and my bank as a paycheck but instead offer quick and easy help. What he has done is make my opinion of Benchmark grow and ensure that I will continue to try and use your company first whenever possible.

Southwest Bank

“We appreciate that Benchmark took the reins on correcting the problem even though it was a manufacturer issue.  Very good customer service.

Southeast Bank

I wanted to thank you all for taking time out of your day to meet with me yesterday and show me around your facility. I was impressed by the professionalism and organization within your operations. It is evident that you all take great pride in what you do and undoubtedly your customers benefit as a result.

Northeast Bank

Thank you so much for helping me out. You always go above and beyond what you need to do. Truly amazing!