Project Management (PMO)

Our Technology Management Services business unit manages procurement, warehousing, configuration, imaging, logistics and installations throughout an enterprise. Benchmark also manages recycling of assets, hard drive/media destruction and re-deployment of assets. Whether an acquisition, an application refresh or the implementation of new technology, Benchmark can provide the skills to offload or supplement your staff from being consumed with project details. With access to over 10,000 technicians, we can provide the resources to manage and install any project and closely monitor milestones and progress using our proprietary software product called “ProTrac.” Our project management staff is experienced, observes risk mitigation, defines best practices, manages exceptions and is accessible for any reason. People make the difference, and people who care ensure results.

What is ProTrac?ProTrac

ProTrac™ is a web-based software solution developed by Benchmark Technology Group to solve the project management problem faced by any organization requiring onsite work to be performed concurrently at a number of sites. Benchmark discovered a need for a program to closely monitor and manage the progress of multi-site projects – either onsite or remote access work. ProTrac resolves the need by providing real-time status updates as well as any notes regarding an installation. The project team and clients all have visibility to the progress being made for the entire project. ProTrac is an indispensable tool for service organizations and companies facing technology deployments throughout their footprint.